History of the Loft:

The Loft began in 1968 as a children’s Film and Theatre Center. It was
 started by two Sarah Lawrence College students and two Bronxville 
moms. Studio B was once our theatre, which included a stage and
 seating for 67 audience members. At it's peak The Loft offered numerous theatrical performances, concerts and film showings all year.

The A room was originally a film
 room where we taught kids film-making on the world’s first
 sync-sound, super-8 equipment, a format which became obsolete when 
video hit the scene.

To the North end of the Loft, we had a large
 darkroom, offices, a costume room, and a green room full of plants,
 fish, turtles, frogs and even a caiman (a type of alligator).

As the Loft evolved and a music program developed, so did the studio. The Film room became a rehearsal 
room, which included a Teac 4-track tape machine. We started producing soundtracks for Loft films and
 shows, eventually evolving from four, to eight, to sixteen, and then to twenty-four tracks. The studio was
 born . . .

Value Statement:

We believe that the wonderful, creative energy and spirit shared by the children, the staff, and the audiences of the original Loft left an imprint. It’s a kind of energy memory . . . a vibe. It is part of what gives the Loft its good, warm feeling. The music we make every day adds to this atmosphere.

We hope that your experience here will be positive, fun, and exciting, and that the work we all do here will add to and increase the Loft’s comfortable ambiance.