Rihanna's Birthday @ The Loft with...

...cake and...


with DJ Cipha Sounds

Carl Sturken, Jessica Simpson, Evan Rogers


Carl Sturken, Ruben Studdard, Evan Rogers
Evan Rogers & Ruben Studdard video gaming
(Al Hemberger coaching)

Jonas Brothers playing video games and singing.
(See the mic in the middle?
Carl & Noodle jam in the back & Al records.)

Nicholas Jonas, Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken

Jonas Bros into the video.

Carl & Evan & Nicholas

Nicholas Jonas pounds the skins.

Evan and Nicholas cutting some tracks?

Noodle Nevin on bass and... is that Kevin or Joe?

Carl Sturken, Mandy Moore, Evan Rogers


Hal Linton

Al Hemberger & Rod Stewart
American Songbook II Sessions

Hal Linton

Hal Linton
Paula Abdul with Evan Rogers & Carl Sturken
in the B Room

Motown's 50th Anniversary Single
Vita, Hal Linton, Shontelle, Melanie Fiona, Kem &
Forever the Sickest Kids
(Produced by SRP/Motown
Recorded and mixed by Al Hemberger with SRP at The Loft)

Shontelle & Hal & Vita

Christina Aguilara's Birthday at The Loft!

Vita Chambers 

Christina at the board in the B Room

Rihanna gets ready for the NY winter

Christina Aguilara & Carl Sturken

Christina Aguilara & Carl Sturken
Cutting the cake.